Who I Work With

I help profession women, entrepreneurs and artists master their inner psychology and become more aligned with their authentic selves. My background as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist has given me the skills to to help you identify your negative cognitions, stuck patterns and emotional road blocks to give you the freedom to live the life that is most aligned with you, your business and your passions. When we can learn to identify our limiting beliefs, our emotions that are keeping us stuck and listen to our voice, we begin to flourish, our businesses begin to flourish because you are making decision based on what’s best for your company and not out of fear based thinking, and our relationships flourish.

My Approach

You are smart and resourceful, but feeling stuck. This is so deeply human. We are relational beings. Why would us needing support be any different? Coaching helps you get unstuck, takes it to the next level and challenges you.

In coaching I use all the latest evidence based psychological research, specifically cognitive behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, Solution focused, Emotion Focused, and positive psychology. This means we dig deep into thoughts, emotions and behaviors that need to be modify unhelpful thinking and behavior and keeps you believing every emotion you feel. (Hint: emotions are always valid, but not always truthful).

I’m big into emotions. Experiencing all emotions, both positive and negative emotions is imperative to our emotional well being. Research says that if we deny our negative emotions, we don’t experience our positive emotions fully. I believe in emotion literacy (the ability to describe and understand feelings. It’s having self-awareness and recognition of your own feelings and how to manage them.) When we identify, experience and move through an emotion we can make decisions that are best for our lives and move through negative emotions more quickly.

Why Me?

  • I have a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.
  • I have additional training in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). DBT is a combination of effective behavioral and cognitive therapies with specialized focus on mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness. Everyone, especially professionals and entrepreneurs should have these tools at their side.
  • I have had additional Coach training in Positive Psychology.
  • I’ve lived in San Francisco, Worked in Startups, built my own business and Married to an Entrepreneur. I’ve experience how absolutely lonely, hard, painful and emotionally draining building a business can be. I know firsthand how hard this all is.
  • I love learning. I am constantly working on bringing the latest evidence based research methods into my coaching practice.
  • Coaching is a special relationship. With all the information out there you have so many tools at your disposal. Coaching with me gives you someone to reflect back on, to hold you accountable and work together to find tools that fit you perfectly.
  • I’m an empath. I feel things deeply and can connect and identify with emotions easily. I will walk beside you and help you identify things you may have never been able to articulate before.
  • I care deeply. I’ve became a psychotherapist and now a coach because my passion is caring for people at a deep, vulnerable level.