Let’s see: do any of the following statements ring a bell? If so, coaching may be for you. Culled from a variety of past and present clients, they represent a broad cross-section of common challenges, and the types of results-based coaching that can help.

“I need to change this culture, but everyone’s resisting” Align teams for success
“I can’t figure out why I can’t change. I want to but I keep getting stuck.” Rewire limited beliefs
“I am freaking out and so stressed out that I can’t sleep.” Understand and leverage emotions
“My co-founder and I disagree so often that I don’t even want to come into work.”Team coaching for alignment; create healthy communication
“My business is failing. I feel like a failure."Differentiate between business and self; Identify blind spots in business/life.
“I don’t know how to motivate my team.” Cultivate strength-based leadership to create amazing teams
“I just can’t seem to reach my goals. Whenever I get going strong, something always gets in the way.”Identify roadblocks; set achievable goals for success
“I just don’t know what to do. I’m so stuck.” Establish decision making hacks that align with your intuition
“I am so scared of conflict. I’d rather avoid it than address the problem.”Assertiveness training; overcome fear by learning to define and defend your truth
“I just can’t live on the edge. I’m too scared to follow my dreams.”Overcome fears to build the business--and life--of your dreams