For me, the decision to get coaching was based on the desire to become a better founder. I knew I was open to change but didn’t know how to go about it. Kim was instrumental in helping me identify my goals and creating a path to help me reach them. Her actionable advice and follow-ups held me accountable for my own improvement (which is just my style!) and I’m very happy with everything I’ve learned. Kim is awesome and my experience with her made me feel more empowered than ever to be the best leader I can be.

– Jennifer Chin, LaunchBit

Kim is effective because she is completely authentic.  This authenticity paves the way for a truly invested relationship with her clients.  For those of us who struggle with shame, worthiness and vulnerability related to both our personal and professional lives, Kim provides a loving mirror with which we can truly see and conquer these issues.  Kim’s approach to life’s problems are simple and straight forward, which allows clients to formulate real boundaries and game plans to make positive changes in their lives.  For me, Kim has helped me see and embrace my authentic self, which has greatly impacted both my professional life and personal relationships.  As a lifelong perfectionist and over achiever, I have found that Kim’s tutelage has brought a tremendous sense of balance and peace to my life.    

– Whitney WelchGreenberg Traurig, LLP

Kim is by far, the best counselor I have ever worked with. She is calm, understanding, knowledgeable in her field, yet incredibly personable. She gives me grace, holds me accountable, and helps me see that I truly am okay. I have seen her for personal counseling as well as for pre-marital counseling for my husband and I, and we couldn’t have been happier with her and the guidance she provided us with.

-Shannon, client 

Sometimes, you reach a crossroad in your life in which you have to choose between walking the path toward your best self or the path that will be the easiest and least risky. While we all hope that taking the path toward our chosen pursuit will be more fulfilling and a higher contribution to those we love, there are often mental and emotional obstacles that keep us from pushing forward. Kim has professional experience and an innate talent for leading you through the land mines of fear, personal hang ups, self doubt, and social pressure to ensure you are confidently going in the direction of your ambitions. She is an ally of your wisest self; she holds difficult conversations without judgment, allowing you to explore all options freely. Then, she helps you devise a plan to work going forward, and she maintains consistent follow up communication to keep you focused. Put in your best efforts, and Kim will take you through to the solution you need.

By way of specific example, in 2015, I found myself with two excellent opportunities. I had recently been made partner with a national law firm, and my husband and I had just completed our preparations for a westward circumnavigation in a sailboat. I was juggling personal and societal pressures to “make hay while the sun shines” or explore the world and fulfill a dream to sail over a decade in the making. Kim began our work together by asking numerous questions to hone in on where my core values lie, my personal vision for my life, and what issues were getting in the way of my personal success. Over the course of approximately five months, we devised a plan to set aside my own personal obstacles of unnecessary guilt, shame, people pleasing, destructive self critique, and unproductive anxiety. She created follow up tasks to allow me to practice these efforts in bite sized chunks, allowing me to slowly grow through these issues.

Once these core issues were addressed, she walked me through a decision making process that tapped into my instincts, and accounted for my concerns of family, friends and society. She allowed me to make my decision taking into consideration, but not being controlled by external factors. I am confident, now, that I made the choice that will allow me to become my best self and ultimately live a life that impacts those around me in a positive way. I may have failed to make this decision without Kim’s help, and then my true path would have been delayed, or worst case scenario, missed completely. I am more content, more whole, more compassionate to those around me, and more grateful for the life and opportunity I have before me because of the work Kim and I did together.

Achieving your highest potential is never easy, but it is always worth the work. Kim expects much of you, and she works with you every step of the way.

– Leslie Godfrey, Attorney and Helmswoman

Who doesn’t call a friend when they’re having a hard time? We all do. Who vents to co-workers, family, and even strangers when they’re struggling through some tough decisions or situations? Yep, me too. The other problem is that most of those people don’t have degrees and training which would give them the ability to effectively help you. They listen and maybe throw their two cents in. So, why do we feel awkward when we tell someone that we’re seeing a coach? They’re just an awesome, well-trained person in our lives who know the right questions and have the right tools. Kim Knoll is one of those people. You step into your sessions with a cloudy mind or vision of where you’re going and after a few questions and comments, she has you walking down a road with the next step ahead of you. She quickly ascertains your desires and struggles and develops a plan to help you overcome or move-through them. I love that there is “homework.” Her style involves plenty of conversation, but it doesn’t stop there. There is forward progress and the more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. I’m so thankful for Kim’s guidance and it’s inspired me to become even better than I am today!

-Seth Gehrke, St. John Lutheran Church